Booking & press:

Portland-based duo Ellis Pink paints a pop landscape that feels impossibly full for its two members, especially when created live from only vocals, keyboards, and drums with no use of backing tracks or loops. 

The lifelong musicians compliment one another partially due to their stylistic differences: while keyboardist/vocalist Simon-Muir Filene was learning jazz piano and singing along to Sam Cooke records, drummer Connor Acott was playing Afro-Cuban hand percussion and discovering math rock. By the time the pair met, both had immersed themselves in the world of electronic music; yet they each held a deep desire to create those sounds in a live setting from scratch, feeling and improvising in the moment rather than meticulously programming. When they realized that collaborating with one another was the key to this shared fantasy, Ellis Pink was born.

"Dream-Pop duo Ellis Pink are a relatively new addition to the Portland scene, but they’ve hit the ground running and grind harder than a vast majority of their contemporaries. Certainly no stranger to Holocene’s stage over the past year, the duo has shared bills with nationally/internationally renowned acts such as Cloud Control, Beaty Heart, The Hugs and more."

— Holocene

"It’s almost unfair how richly soulful and cool Ellis Pink’s Simon Muir-Filene is. His voice is pure and bountiful; he’s one of those rare singers you could listen to all day and still ask for more. On paper, Ellis Pink seem like a band that wouldn’t normally capture an audience’s attention: they’re a duo consisting of nothing but vocals, keyboard and drums. Make no mistake though, these guys sound nothing like coffeeshop singer-songwriters. Drummer Connor Acott has one of the best ears for rhythm in town, and his pocket would make any jazz aficionado drool. It’s that pulsing dynamic between Muir-Filene’s keys and Acott’s beats that gives this band unexpected tension in a live setting. You’ll find you can’t take your eyes off of them when they hit the stage."

— TourWorthy